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Leveraging Your Time

Turnover rates Retail stores have ways of tracking what is selling. One is dollars / sq. foot. You look at the items in one area over a certain amount of time. Take the amount of sales in that time and divide by the square feet of floor space they take up. Then compare to other… Read More »

First Purchase & First Contractor

Fear! It can be incredibly difficult to make your first real estate investment. You don’t want to screw up and lose a lot of money. One key to this is finding a good contractor or contractors. General Contractor For your first time unless you have knowledge of building you will probably want to hire a… Read More »

Specialty Contractors

There are the general contractors, but then you have the specialty contractors such as roofers, tub refinishers, carpet guys, railing & stairs contractors, floor refinishers, etc. Roofers There are a lot of people who claim to be roofers, but that is partially because they are attracted to the margins. We have used one guy for… Read More »


So if you are going to rehab a house, you need contractors. First you might want to read the segment on rehabbing. Paint and Carpet For a simple job, that people call paint and carpet, you would just go in and paint the house and either clean or replace the carpet and refinish any hardwood… Read More »


Have you ever rehabbed a house before? It can be a way to make a lot of money because you are increasing the value of the house and should get a premium for this. But beware about your choice of what to buy depending on what you have done before. Experienced If you are a… Read More »