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Importance of Home Inspections

Importance of Home Inspections using a home inspector Home inspections are an all-encompassing examination about the home condition. This is a process that is mostly ignored by buyers. A home is an important purchase and a home inspection is an inexpensive way of discovering the homes universal condition. Thus, to avoid a costly mistake, it… Read More »

Where to Invest?

One question some people have is where should I look? Should I look in the wealthy areas, the middle class areas, the poor areas or the hood? To some extent any of them will work, they just take somewhat different strategies and temperaments. Investing in Really Bad Areas If you want to invest in the… Read More »

Apartment Investing

Some of the gurus make it sound easy to buy apartment complexes. They say you look for a poorly run apartment building with insides in need of paint and carpeting, the metal railings unpainted and rusting, perhaps the grounds poorly kept and probably a high vacancy rate. Investing limit rationale The gurus also say it… Read More »

Subject To Purchase

What is Subject To? It means buying subject to the existing mortgage. You write a contract with the owner but the original agreement between the bank and the seller stay in place. The terms can be whatever are agreed to. For example, you agree to pay the mortgage for 2 years and then pay off… Read More »

Finding Properties

One of the biggest problems is not financing, it is finding good deals. Financing was somewhat of a problem at the worst of the recent recession because banks had pulled back so much of their activity, but there were still private funds available. As we have heard many times and seen it proved, if you… Read More »

Acquiring Properties cont’d

Another way you can acquire property is with lease options . Once again, check with your lawyer to make sure you are doing this correctly. You may need some money for this. Here is what you are looking for. Find someone who wants to sell their house but is upside down. In other words, they… Read More »

Acquiring Properties

Acquiring properties depends on whether you have money or not. If you have money it can make things easier, but it is also easier to make big mistakes as you are learning. Act as a Finder / Bird Dog If you have little money, one way to get started in real estate investing is to find property… Read More »